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A creative studio driven by love and wild dreams

I work on websites, business cards, signatures, media kits & branding moodboards. The design possibilities are endless. If you have any business queries please feel free to get in contact with me and we can discuss working together to create brand magic. 

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The Zodiac Women are a print collection born out of love. Inspired to encourage every woman to be made from fire. To be courageous, to know they are fearfully made, that they are the truest form of magic. 'She sets the sky on fire, like an eternal flash of lightning. She is a magnet. Her spirit has strength that can crush mountains.'  

For me, the Zodiacs is where it all begun but Women of Power is the second collection is filled with all of my passions. Inspired by you, the woman who deserves to know her worth. Who is strong as hell and spectacularly created. 

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